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Free ground shipping for all orders over $100!

QuickTech ™️©️®️: End of Day Clean & Care with the Curtis G4 ThermaPro!

Ending the day is just as important as dialing in before the morning start. With the help of Roxie and this weeks QuickTech ™️©️®️ Tech Tip you won’t have to worry about asking, “who closed last night?” anymore.


* Clean Microfiber Towel

* Coffee Machine Cleaning Powder.


· Check to make sure the carafe is empty and if not dump the remaining coffee from the carafe.

· Remove the brew basket and compost any grounds that may still be hanging around.

· Wipe the sprayhead and surrounding area with a clean towel to remove and grounds or coffee oil buildup.

· Scoop one table spoon of machine cleaning powder into the brew basket and select a half batch brew for the size of the brew vessel.

· When the brew cycle is complete remove the carafe, clean the inside with a brush to remove any coffee buildup, and empty the contents of the carafe into a sink.

· Place the carafe back underneath the brew basket.

· Run another half batch cycle to be left in the carafe overnight to remove and risidual cleaning solution and keep warm overnight.

There you have it. Another QuickTech ™️©️®️ Tech Tip to ease those worries, keep your equipment healthy, and make that coffee taste just as good as any brewer right out of the box.

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