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QuickTech ™️©️®️: So Fresh & So Full Clean with the Slayer LP!

Like a wise propane & propane accessories salesperson once said, “Taste the spro, not the gro-dy buildup!” True Words. Never taken more to heart than by Air, @airperez, who is here with this week’s QuickTech ™️©️®️ Tech Tip. They are joining forces with the Slayer Steam LP to help teach y’all about keeping clean, fresh, looking good, serving looks, and serving spro… that tastes good!

* 1 Tsp Scoop / Spoon
* Blind Basket
* Coffee Machine Cleaning Powder

· Remove portafilter and set aside.
· Take your blind basket portafilter, pour in 1 tsp of coffee machine cleaning power, and lock in your blind portafilter into the group you will be cleaning.
· On the left Group Display use the Menu Button to scroll left two screens until the display reads Full Cleaning.
· Press the Menu Botton and scroll between G1 (Group 1), G2 (Group 2), All (Both Groups), or No (No Cleaning)
· Press the Menu Button for the group you will be cleaning.
· The Slayer will immediately begin a counter going down from 100s and cycling between 7s on and 3s off to clean the group.
· When the cycle is complete the display will say “Remove Portafil. Click for Flush” indicating to remove the blind portafilter before flushing the group.
· The Slayer will begin another counter going down from 30s when you click the Menu Button.
· The group will then run continuously during the countdown to remove any risidual cleaning powder.
· The shot light will flash three times to indicate the cleaning cycle is complete and stop the group from running.
· Place the portafilter back into the group head, repeat on the additional groups if necessary, and once complete, head out and onto the rest of your day.

Now the opening crew will be ready to rock with a clean machine and you’ll be able to keep everyone impressed with how you clean up so well. If they ask. Tell them you learned it from Air and another Black Rabbit QuickTech ™️©️®️ Tech Tip!
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