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Mahlkonig Grinder Resources here!
Mahlkonig Grinder Resources here!

QuickTech ™️©️®️: Disk Distance Detection On Mahlkonig E80 Supreme!

Josh is back to remind you of a must do once you’ve chirped those burrs. Thankfully, QuickTech ™️©️®️ tech tips can have follow ups so if you haven’t watched how to chirp your burrs we suggest watching that video first and coming back here.


- None


· Double tap the controller button to enter the settings menu.

· Scroll down to the Settings menu and tap the controller button to enter the menu.

· Tap the controller button again to enter the Password Settings Menu and tap once more to Login.

· Scroll to “123” icon and tap the controller button once to change to the numerical key selection.

· Enter the password 6781.

· Scroll to the “Enter” icon and tap the controller button once.

· You should now see a screen that says “Login as Owner successful.

· Tap the controller button to go back to the Password Settings Menu.

· Tap the upper Botton next to the “back arrow” symbol twice to return to the main menu.

· Use the controller button to scroll down to the Service Menu and tap the controller button.

· Scroll down the submenu titled “Disc Distance Detector” and tap the controller button when Calibrate is highlighted.

· Follow the instructions displayed on the screen by sliding the grinding degree slider to zero on the grinding degree scale.

· *Make sure to check if the grinding degree lock is set to unlock if the degree slider does not move.*

· Once the slider is set to zero tap the controller button.

· The grinder will run the Disk Distance Detector and return to the main screen with a calibrated disc distance for you to return the slider to.

· Slide the grinding degree slider to your new disc distance for your previous recipe and you’re ready to grind!

Those burrs are ready to take you the distance and with recipe set you’re able to smoothly go back to where that espresso sings. All thanks to yet another Black Rabbit QuickTech ™️©️®️ Tech Tip! Thanks Josh! Give him a round of applause!

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