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Free ground shipping for all orders over $100!

QuickTech ™️©️®️: Saving the Grind Size Dial On Mahlkonig E80S

You’ve dialed in the perfect shot of spro balanced as a shot or in a 20oz latte. But you’re worried because Steve is hopping on bar and loves to set that grind to mud. Don’t fret cuz this QuickTech ™️©️®️ tech tip will save you from worries!


- None


· Make note of the Disk Distance reading highlighted in red as your new grind size.

· Double tap the controller button to enter the settings menu.

· Tap the controller button to enter the Edit Recipe menu.

· Scroll to the desired recipe you wish to edit by turning the controller wheel left or right.

· Scroll to Disk Distance and tap the controller button to edit.

· Tap the controller button until you reach the number you wish to change for the new Disk Distance dial.

· Tap the controller once more to return to the Edit Recipe menu.

· Tap the lower button next to the “x” on the display screen to exit the Menu and return to the home screen.

· The Disk Distance for your grind size recipe is now saved and displayed on the screen!

Now that grind size is saved and you’ll be able to not only return to your original recipe but see where that coffee has landed by the end of the day. With the help of another Black Rabbit QuickTech ™️©️®️ Tech Tip the only grind you’ll have to worry about is the daily grind of life!

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