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QuickTech ™️©️®️: From Stepped to Stepless on the Mahlkonig Guatemala

Clicks down? Analytics low? Just wish someone would, for one, no steppy. Well, you’re in luck! Double J has THE QuickTech ™️©️®️ tech tip to go from Stepped to Stepless on the Mahlkonig Guatemala so you can slide that grind to the minute of detail.


- Flathead Screwdriver

- Awl / Pick


· Unplug that grinder.

· Hold the adjustment cap and unscrew the flathead screw to remove the cap.

· Enjoy those clicks for one last time and unscrew the adjusting spindle counter clockwise.

· When the adjusting spindle is off remove the grinding adjustment pin.

· Take your awl or pick and pull out the grinding adjustment spring.

· Set aside the pin and spring in a safe and secure place.

· Screw back on the adjusting spindle being careful not to cross thread.

· After tightening the adjusting spindle for a while make sure to plug in the grinder and chirp the burrs to reset to zero.

· Fun Fact: We already have a video on chirping the burrs on a Mahlkonig Guatemala that you should check out either as a first time or refresher.

· After calibrating the burrs turn off the grinder and place back on the adjustment cap making sure to note the placement of the safety pin inside and pointing toward the fine symbol.

· Holding the cap in place screw on the adjusting cap screw back on with your flathead screwdriver.

· Plug your grinder back in, turn it on, and give that grind a SMOOTH adjustment.

Thanks to the classic cool of Double J you’re now styling, sliding, and profiling with this weeks Black Rabbit QuickTech ™️©️®️ Tech Tip!

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