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Free ground shipping for all orders over $100!

QuickTech ™️©️®️: Stop Calibrate & Listen with the Mahlkonig E65 Grind by Weight!

Are your shots striking out? Worried your grinder has got a case of the yips? Well, Josh is back to take the mound and round the bases of scale calibration with this weeks QuickTech ™️©️®️ Tech Tip all about the Mahlkonig Grind by Weight!


* 1 kilo weight

* Dodger Dog (optional)


· Enter Service mode by either following the steps bellow or typing in code: 6781

· Turn off the grinder by flipping the power switch located on the back of the grinder.

· Press down on the lower and upper button at the same time on the left side of the display and turn the grinder back on.

· Let go of the buttons when the grinder turns on and now you are in service mode.

· Double tap the controller button / jogdial, scroll down to service, and tap the controller again.

· Scroll down to Calibrate and tap the controller to enter Calibration Mode.

· Make sure there is nothing on the portafilter holder and then press the controller / jogdial.

· Wait for the scale to calibrate then follow the instructions on screen and place a 1kg weight onto the portafilter support.

· Press the controller / jogdial again and wait for the scale to calibrate.

· Once complete remove the 1kg weight and press the lower button to return to the main screen.

Now you’re batting a thousand and those shots will be a grand slam! Keep hitting those home runs with this weeks and all the entire world series of Black Rabbit QuickTech ™️©️®️ Tech Tips!


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