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Free ground shipping for all orders over $100!

QuickTech ™️©️®️: Fork Adjustment Forkitude! With the HeyCafe H1


Are you or your portafilter suffering from fork fatigue? Well, QuickTech ™️©️®️ is here with THE solution to all your porta-fumbles thanks to FORKITUDE! Emily has brought along the HeyCafe H1 to take you on a journey of adjustment and discovery so come follow along.


  • Torx T15 or flat head screwdriver depending on the fork
  • Portafilter


· Loosen right and left screws slowly until fork begins to move freely.

· Place portafilter on the fork and adjust until the portafilter is snug but still able to move freely.

· While holding in place alternate tightening each screw.

· When complete let go and let it grind.

Now you’re ready to throw on some shades, a leather, and serve that spro with this Black Rabbit QuickTech ™️©️®️ Tech Tip and a little fortitude!

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