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Free ground shipping for all orders over $100!
Quick Tech ™©® : Breaker Breaker - Linea Mini - Black Rabbit Service Co.

Quick Tech ™©® : Breaker Breaker - Linea Mini

Breaker Breaker - we got hot new Quick Tech ™©® for ya! Do you hear a hissing sound? Is your drain box filling up faster than usual? Perhaps it’s time to change out the ol’ vacuum breaker. Roxie jumped in the lab to show us how it’s done! Tools: - Phillips Screwdriver - 17mm & 18mm open end wrench - Towel Steps - Turn off machine - Dump steam pressure and let cool - Remove cup tray & spill guard - Remove exhaust tube from Vacuum Breaker - Remove elbow pipe from boiler - Take Vacuum Breaker off the elbow pipe - Install new Vacuum Breaker on elbow pipe - Reinstall elbow pipe to boiler - Reinstall exhaust tube to Vacuum Breaker - Reinstall spill guard & cup tray - Turn on machine See wasn’t that a breeze!?! Now that you have the knowledge and power to take care of that pesky vacuum breaker. Hit the links and see what other Quick Tech ™©® videos your pals at Black Rabbit Service have cooked up for you!
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