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Mahlkonig Grinder Resources here!
Mahlkonig Grinder Resources here!

Toddy Commercial Model - With Lift

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The Toddy Commercial is our go to for brewing cold brew for your cafe or restaurant. It makes an incredibly smooth, sweet, and refreshing cold coffee that you and your customers will love. 5lbs of coffee will deliver you about 2.5 gallons of coffee concentrate and you can dilute to your preference. The provided lift helps you maximize your yield, and the paper filters or tree free filters make for easy clean up. For an extra clean cup use with the Toddy Commercial Strainer. Need less volume? Want cold brew at home? Check out the smaller Toddy Cold Brew system. Need large Volume? Look at the Toddy Pro Series



12"L X 12"W X 18"H - 4lbs. 


Brewing container

Lid Toddy Lift

Spigot Assembly

Filter starter set (2 paper filters and 2 tree free filters)


Toddy Commercial Model Brewing Guide