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Free ground shipping for all orders over $100!

Puqpress Gen 5 M2 - Automatic Coffee Tamper for MYTHOS 1 & 2 Grinders

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Color: Black

Puqpress M2 is designed for the Mythos One, 2 & R grinders for cafes with tight spaces. It  has been developed to offer cafes a combined grind on-demand and precision tamping solution.

The unparalleled engineering and state-of-the-art design of the Puqpress automatic tamper ensures perfectly compressed coffee grounds and a precisely level tamp - every time.



  • Net Weight - 14.33 lbs.
  • Dimensions - 14.96"D x 7.08"W x 6.69"H
  • Power - 110v. 76w. 50-60Hz
  • Plug - 5-15P


Suitable for all types of portafilters - Naked, single spout and double spout

 PuqPress Brochure