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Free ground shipping for all orders over $100!

Everpure CG5-10 Filter Cartridge

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This Everpure CG5-10 is a drop filter that reduces chlorine taste and odor and other offensive contaminants that might be in your water. Great for brewers and espresso machines if your water is low in mineral content (60 or less TDS) and has less than 2 GPG hardness. It can be used with a softener or RO system as a "finishing" or "polishing" filter. The CG5-10 on its own does not protect against mineral build up.


- Dimensions - 9.75" H  x 2.875" D

- Micron Rating - 5

- Material - Carbon Block

- Filter Type - Taste, Odor, Sediment

- Capacity - 6,000 Gallons

- Service Flow Rate - 1.7 GPM

- Replace after 6,000 gallons or every 6 Months, whichever is first



*We highly recommend that you test your water and consult a technician before choosing your water filtration.

*Black Rabbit Service is not responsible for any damage done to equipment due to improper water filtration