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Free ground shipping for all orders over $100!

Everpure 1.2 Gallon Accumulator Tank

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This Everpure accumulator tank lets you easily store and dispense water purified using your building's reverse osmosis (RO) system. This tank can hold up to 1.2 gallons of water with a 28 psi pre-charge and usable storage between 30/50 psi, although the usable capacity will vary based on the pre-charge pressure and the RO system's on/off pressure setting. A lower pre-charge pressure will allow the tank to accept more water, but water pressure diminishes faster as water is drawn. A higher pre-charge pressure lets the tank accept less water, but the water pressure diminishes less rapidly as water is drawn. It boasts a seamless, corrosion-resistant composite construction and can discharge in any position for maximum versatility. It has a 1/4" NPT male water inlet and outlet.


- 15" High x 11" Diameter

- 1/4" Male NPT inlet and outlet

- Tank can be re-pressurized with an air pump

-MPN 3102-75