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Free ground shipping for all orders over $49! Use code SENDIT

Optipure BWS 175/16 Reverse Osmosis System

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The Optipure BWS 175/16 is our go to system for areas with hard water. The 16 gallon storage tank makes it the perfect reverse osmosis system for a 2-3 machines. The BWS 175 systems removes >97% of the total dissolved solids (TDS) in your water supply. Then a blend of minerals is added back in the the RO water using the adjustable blending valve to set your desired TDS. These systems are easy to install and come with all the tubing, cartridges, TDS meter and easy to follow instructions. There's even a built in bypass just incase your systems cartridges clog unexpectedly. Need something smaller? Try the BWS 175/5 or BWS 175/10 RO systems


- Dimensions- 16.3" H x 12.9" W x7" D

- Tank Dimensions - 30.4"H X 15.6" Dia.

- Inlet - 3/8" John Guest

- Outlet -  3/8" John Guest

- Product Water Production - 7.3 Gal./Hr.

- Storage Tank Capacity- 16 Gallons

- Filter Type - Reverse Osmosis

- Drain Required

- Replace after CTO-Q10 & ILMA 10.14 every 6 Months, AMS-QT15 Yearly 

- Replacement Cartridges - CTO-Q10, ILMA 10.14, AMS-QT15