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Checkout the new Mahlkonig E80 Grind By Weight Here!!
Checkout the new Mahlkonig E80 Grind By Weight Here!!

HeyCafe H1 All Around Grinder

Original price $900.00 - Original price $900.00
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$900.00 - $900.00
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Color: Black

What it is?

The HeyCafe H1 All Around Grinder

Who is It for?

Any Home, coffee shop, or restaurant in need of small versatile coffee grinder

Why do we carry it?

The HeyCafe H1 All Around Grinder is soon to be your new favorite piece of coffee gear. Because of the versatility and affordability of this grinder the H1 is an awesome choice for your cafe or home. The adjustable fork allows you use a portafilter for espresso or a dosing cup for pour over. The H1 is can easily go from espresso to french press making it a true all around grinder!


  • Hardened 64mm steel burrs

  • Wide range of grind size

  • Stepless and precise grind setting for professional accurate grinding

  • Compact footprint for efficient use of space

  • Low noise level for a quiet working environment 


  • Burr diameter: 64mm
  • Burr type: Flat 
  • Burr material: Hardened steel 
  • Grind speed: 2.5-3 grams/second
  • Bean hopper capacity: 380 Grams (13.4 ounces)
  • Power: 550 W
  • Dimensions: 9.05" Deep x 5.43" Wide x 18.5" High


HeyCafe H1 All Around Grinder Spec Sheet

HeyCafe H1 All Around Grinder Part Diagram

HeyCafe H1 Operating Instructions